You have to hurry up if you want to see something, everything disappears. (Paul Cezanne)

Daniel Anhut Fotografie

At the lake with Anni

This shooting took place quite a while ago, but due to the changes on the website the gallery and the old blog entry disappeared. Since I still think the pictures are beautiful, I would like to show them again.

The shooting with Anni took place at a workshop for models and photographers in Treptower Park. There I spotted Anni and fortunately I was able to win her over to this idea. She had the look i was looking for to realize this idea. The weather also played its part with clouds and a soft breeze. The results of this shooting exceeded my expectations and made me really happy. I still love the melancholy and dreaminess in these pictures very much, especially in black and white.

The work with Anni was a lot of fun and everything went well. Only my pants got pretty wet too, because I also had to go into the water for some shots, but hey, same suffering for everyone and... for art. It was really worth it as the higher position on land was not so good for many images. I am almost always ready to get wet or dirty for a good picture, especially if the model also shows this effort too. Otherwise I would undermine their efforts and not try to get the best pictures out of the shooting just because I'm not ready to get wet and dirty.

As it was one of my first shootings ever, I was pretty nervous and uncertain at the beginning if I could realize my idea well. Working with people was still quite new territory for me. But luckily Anni was very relaxed and we had a good connection to each other right from the start. That made it a lot easier for me. So i would like to thank Anni for the wonderful collaboration and her cold resistance. You can find Anni here on Facebook.

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